Thursday 10 November 2011

Starter Motor, Plenum and a bit of Tidying

First job of the day was to fit the starter motor.  Fairly simple, just three bolts and it is in, but because I didn't fit it before the engine was installed, it is a little fiddly.

Next job is to fit the wires.  Although GBS have a diagram of what wires come in the battery set, it is not 100% clear where they go.  I think I have got it right.  The pink wire to the solenoid had a push connector on it but that would never have stayed on the terminal so I changed it for a spade connector and bolted it to the lowest of the 3 connectors.  The 2 positives, 1 from the fuse board and the other that goes to the alternator I bolted to the upper right hand connector and the earth the upper left hand connector.  This was then bolted to the chassis.  Hopefully this is right, but I will double check before trying to start the car!!

Next I did my first bit of tidying of the day.  All the wires running round the chassis needed holding in place so I used lots of cable ties and tidied things up a bit.  I was able to plug some of the engine loom connectors the their appropriate places and plugged in the washer bottle pump.  The water pipe for this was run along with the cable so it appears up under the dash to connect to the washers when they are fitted for the windscreen.

Next I moved on to the iPod holder I started yesterday.  I made a simple cradle, using the same principal as I had for the Sat Nav, only this time I only bonded it in place, I didn't use rivets.  Here is is from the back.

And this is what is looks like from the front.  And just in case you were wondering, the album playing is the first solo David Gilmour album from 1978.

Time to fit the oil pressure sender.  Here is what you get.

First job was to remove the existing one from the Zetec lump.  Because of its location, you can only get it undone with a ring spanner, but did I have the right size, did I 'eck as like!!  It is a 24mm so off to Halfords I went and £9.99 later the old sender was off.  Now to fit the new sender.  First fit the brass adaptor to the sender and then screw it in.  Not too tight, but tight enough.  I have marked the contact names for easy reference later (G and WK).  For reference, if you are using the GBS plug 'n' play loom and ETB guages, G is for Gauge and has the white wire and WK is for Warning Light and has the yellow wire.  There are also Black and Brown wires but these are earths and not needed with the ETB sender.

The water temperature sender fits in to the end of the Raceline water rail.

Next job, the plenum.  It is a little bit fiddly to get the bolts in and done up and those with smaller hands will benefit, but once in place it looks good.

It still isn't finished as I have fitted the injectors but one of the fuel pipes still need coaxing in to place.  Looking at some of the factory images, I think I have a bit of pipe bending to do.

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  1. Hi David,

    I have the Raceline water rail also, but am at odds as to where to buy get
    the water temp sender. I have the double one that connects to the ECU but not the single blade type - Does this come with the water gauge instrumentation ?