Sunday 27 November 2011

Harnesses and Gaiters

I had been waiting on a set of harnesses from GBS.  They were having them re-made so they were a little bit longer and therefore more IVA friendly.  Anyway, they turned up this week so I set about fitting them.

Here they are as they come out of the packet.  1 set of harnesses with 4 fixing bolts and 4 collared spacers.  GBS also supply 4 longer bolts to fit the fixing points on the chassis behind the seats

They are very simple to fit.  Here is the mounting point behind the drivers seat.

An here is the finished job.

An here are both fitted.

In the picture above, you can see the gaiters I have bought for the gear lever and handbrake.  They are leather with blue stitching from a seller on e-bay and are actually designed for a Westfield, but do the job nicely.

The only thing missing was some sort of trim.  I found these carbon effect ones on the Europa Spares web site.  They do they job nicely.  The gear knob was also from the same place.  I wanted a blue finish but they no longer do them, so this is a sort of gun metal finish.

And the handbrake.

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