Wednesday, 16 May 2012

GBS Photo Shoot and Stone Guards

Whilst my car was at the GBS factory, Richard asked if I would mind if they took it to take a few pictures of it.  Of course I agreed, as long as I could have some copies.  Now, as well as working at the factory, Ruth Hall is also a professional photographer ( and she ended up taking about 150 pictures, which she kindly let me have digital copies of.

Now I think it is fair to say that I am rather proud of the finished Zero (are they really ever finished??), so couldn't resist putting a couple of the images up here.

You don't see many images of these types of cars with the roofs up, so here are a couple.

Added to this, GBS have used an image of my car in the new magazine advert and also on their Zero flyers.  To say I am chuffed is an understatement.

Stone Guards

One of the jobs I hadn't done before the IVA was to fit the stone guards.  I didn't want to fit the stainless steel ones from GBS so had some carbon fibre ones made up for me.  They were made by a chap called Julian Eisel and his company, Aerodynamix ( who mainly make Westfield parts but they were able to make these for me from the originals.  He has made a cracking job of them.

First thing I did was to add a bit of extra carbon film wrap to the bottom of the wheel arch for a bit more protection.  I then marked out and drilled the stone guards at 2 inch intervals and then drilled the holes in the arch.  You can see the holes for the stone guard but also the pitting in the paintwork, and this is after 400 miles only.  They take quite a battering.

Here is is the stone guard fitted, using black rivets.

And then finally fitted to the car.  I must say I am happy with the results.

I am not sure what else I have left to do on the car except drive it.  Having said that, since I picked it up from the factory, the weather has been pretty poor so I am hoping for a change soon.  Perhaps any new entries to the blog will be about driving the car and not just looking at it in the garage!!