Friday, 11 November 2011

Pedal Box and Water Hoses

I decided to fit the pedal box to the scuttle using rivnuts and bolts, so that the scuttle can be removed if needs be in the future.  I had already made up the pedal box and fitted the cover with rivnuts and bolts, so the basic box was ready to fit.  This was a simple job of drilling 4 holes in the pedal box where it joins the scuttle, offering it up and marking the holes on the scuttle, then drilling and fixing the rivnuts.  Once fitted it is nice and secure.  I am going to rivet the bottom edges of the pedal box later.  Whilst doing this I also drilled the battery panel ready to fit, although I have not done the final fit yet.  Here it all is.

Next, the water hoses.  Here is what you get in the water hose kit.

The following pictures show where they all go.  Top hose.

Bottom hose at the radiator join.

Overflow pipe and also you can see the bottom hose where it joins the water pump.

Finally, a progress shot.  It is really starting to take shape now.

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