Friday 31 August 2012

New Silencer

My last post was back in May and since then, I must be honest, I have not done much to the car and I have not driven it much either.  Since the car hit the road in April, I have covered about 900 miles, which is totally down to the poor weather we have had this year.  I have managed the odd trip out but nothing really significant.

If you look back at my earlier posts, you will see that I had an issue with the exhaust bracket coming away from the chassis.  This meant that the silencer was floating in the air for about 10 miles until I got home.  At first I didn't think that any damage had been done, but on the last couple of runs out, I had noticed a rattle in the silencer can.  Coming back from a local car show recently, I noticed that the exhaust was blowing a little.  Once home, I was able to see that there was a fracture around the can where the catalytic converter had been welded in.  You can see it at about 8.00 o'clock on the image below, on the weld.

When I took it off the car, I could really see how bad it was.

A quick phone call to GBS and they confirmed that they would cover it under warranty, a great result.  Only issue is that I need to get it to them.  As it would happen, the Donnington Kit Car Show is happening this weekend and I am going to go and they are going to be there.  They have agreed for me to take the system up there and they will take it back to the factory, re do the weld, or replace what needs replacing, and ship it back to me.

I had already decided to change the cat/silencer combo for one of GBS's new stainless steel silencers.  Not only are they quieter, which I am happy about, they are re-packable, which is a bonus.  Here it is, along with the required bracket.

First job was to remove the old silencer and mounting bracket.

Next was to trial fit the new silencer.  I found it was a little bit too long so I had to cut an inch off the manifold pipe.  Once that was done the silencer fitted about right.

I then had to drill 3 holes for the new bracket to be fitted.  I marked it all up on the outside of the car and could drill through the side of the lowered floor but I couldn't get the car high enough to get a drill underneath to do the other holes.  I had to improvise and make a template and drill through from the inside.  This meant removing the passenger seat.

Here are the bolts from the inside.

Here is the bracket fitted from the outside.  It is a nice piece of work.  You can see that the silencer doesn't quite sit in the bracket but it only takes a little bit of pressure to push it in place and pull the spring clip over the top to secure it.

Here it is fitted.

The car is definately quieter, but is still has the nice racey sound when pushed and a noce deep rumble when idling.  All in all, I am happy with the result.

I had also just re-taxed the car and decided to buy a new tax disc holder, colour coded, of course!


The car is all ready now for a trip up to Donnington.