Thursday 5 May 2011

Rear Panel Part 2

In my last post, I had just reached a point where I had an issue with the rear panel as it was not fitting correctly.  A quick phone call to Richard at the factory and all became clear.  During the welding process, the heat can cause the stay arms to move slightly.  They need a little gentle persuasion upwards with some kind of lever.  I used a 1 metre length of 1" x 1" tube rested under the rear cross member and applied a little upwards movement.  They both had to come up about half an inch.  Once I had done this it all started to fit a bit better, but still not brilliantly.

The next stage was to start to put the thing together properly, but I didn't want to rivet it all together just yet so I use self tapping screws.  Getting some nice clean bends and corners was just a case of taking my time and putting in 1 screw at a time, then bending the panel round a bit more, lining it up, clamping, drilling and adding the next screw.  The picture below shows the progress.

I still haven't gone the full length of the sides as I need to be able to get the panel on and off at the moment.  This is the view from the back with both sides done.

Next thing to tackle was the bottom of the sides.  Again I have only used self tapping screws to hold this together. 

This is the view from the inside.

There is still a way to go on this, but it is getting there and now the bottom of the panel is in place and lined up with the chassis at the back.  Patience is the order of the day with this panel and I have just been doing a little after work each day and not rushing it.

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